Eindhoven University of Technology challenges interested students to take part in our masterclasses. As a teacher, you are in an excellent position to let your students know these opportunities exist. High school students interested in perhaps pursuing a career in a science or engineering field can do a masterclass to get a feel of the different research and application areas. They will be offered the chance to work on an interesting project or experiment. 

Are they up for the challenge?

These masterclasses are not for the faint of heart. Your students will find out in real life what the intellectual level of our first-year courses is, and whether a TU/e bachelor’s degree program really suits them. As such, it is an invaluable experience to help them choose a future career path.   

The duration of our masterclasses is at least one day and at most five days. For a VWO student, it should be doable to fit this in with their regular classwork.  

Programs with masterclasses:

Your students can sign up through their science teacher or