Support for high school research project

Are your students working on their research project (‘profielwerkstuk’) on a technical subject? TU/e can help them in several ways.  

  • Let us inspire them in one of our masterclasses, the research project days of the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry department of the yearly Innovation Challenge. 
  • Tell them they can visit our library in the Metaforum building on the TU/e Campus to find literature. It is an excellent place to read or work, and they can browse our catalog from home.  
  • Your students can take books home with them by filling out our borrowing form, having it signed by you and handing it in at the library. They can keep the books for four weeks and extend their loan by another two four-week terms. Borrowing books is free. 

No individual support

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to offer any individual support to your students. The best thing you can do is to help them formulate a research question that they can investigate by themselves – at home, in school or in another location outside TU/e.