Wortel TU/e

Remedial mathematics courses for students

There is a wide variety in mathematical proficiency among Dutch students of science and engineering topics, not only at the bachelor’s degree level but also at the graduate level. Sometimes, students do not have enough proficiency to smoothly progress in their studies. Measures have been taken at the vwo level, but this has not eliminated the problem. 

To signal and solve this problem at an earlier stage, Eindhoven University of Technology created Wortel TU/e, an online learning environment for current and future TU/e students. It is designed to help them assess and achieve the level of mathematical proficiency expected of them at TU/e. 

At Wortel TU/e, students will find: 

  • Short theoretical pages 
  • Practice sums 
  • Assessment tests 
  • Unlimited opportunity to practice  

And you, as a teacher, can watch their progress.  

Wortel TU/e covers: 

  • Calculating with numbers and letters 
  • Solving equations and inequalities 
  • Functions 
  • Trigonometry 
  • Exponential and logarithmic functions 
  • Differentiation and integration 
  • Complex numbers 

Schools interested in Wortel TU/e can create private online classrooms for their students.