g - What is the result of participating in the selection?

If you participate in the selection procedure, you will be assigned a ranking number on the basis of the two criteria. The student with the highest scores is assigned ranking number 1, the next highest score 2, etc., just as many numbers as there are enrollments.

On 15 April you receive e-mail notification of your ranking number via Studielink. If your ranking number falls within the capacity of the study program (so within the number of available places), then you will receive another e-mail from Studielink in which you are offered a place for the study program. You can accept or reject this offer via Studielink but must do so within 14 days of receiving the notification.

Please note: accepting a place does not mean that you are eligible for admission to all TU/e Bachelor’s programs. Check the admission requirements table in advance to see whether you are eligible.
Until 31 August, you have the opportunity to prove that you have met the (educational) requirements.