More information for potential industrial partners

Is your company facing a technological problem that needs solving or a challenging design issue that needs unraveling? Consider hiring one of our EngD trainees!
An EngD trainee may be an attractive option if you are in need for innovative solutions to your technological problems. All our two-year EngD programs offer you the possibility to hire a technological designer, a professional who has the right capabilities and skills to can design and develop complex new products and processes and offer innovative solutions to your technological design issues.
Our trainees have a university engineering degree (MSc level) before they enroll in our programs. Selection for these programs is tough: typically candidates are from the top 25% graduates of technological universities.

A good investment
Your company can have the benefits of a highly qualified and motivated employee in-house for a whole year. Assignments carried out by our EngD trainees last 9 to 12 months. At first, you will receive innovative solutions to your technological design issues. Secondly, you get to know the person well and at the end of the project you are in the perfect position to offer him or her a position within your company. Practice reveals that this is the case for most designers. Thirdly, the design projects will be supervised by one of our highly experienced design scientists, who have the most recent insights. 
As an industrial partner, you will be asked to pay the university for the costs incurred by each project. Please contact us for more details. 

EngD programs at TU/e
The total TU/e EngD program offer comprises 10 individual programs. Find more information about them here.
EngD programs are a joint initiative of the 4 Dutch Universities of technology. They work together in the Stan Ackermans Institute (SAI, see 4TU.SAI)

EngD projects
See what an EngD can do for you and read more about (recent) EngD projects in our projectbook.

Our partners
All information regarding the agreements, involvement of the industrial partner within the design project, intellectual property right and confidentiality issues are part of the standard agreement, between the TU/e and the industrial partner.
Our EngD trainees have worked for partners such as ASML, VDL, Samsung, Dow, and diverse Medical Centers. 

Meet our trainees
Our trainees come from all over the world, so they bring a lot of international experience with them.
To get an idea who EngDs are and how they work, read some stories here.

An EngD for your own employees as well
It’s also possible that employees in an organization would like to pursue an EngD program. With the correct background, these employees can smoothly enroll in the EngD program as well.


Interested? Do you have questions about the benefits and costs for your business? How it all works? Then contact our TU/e EngD Programmes Business Relations Coordinator Tina Tijsma using the contact form below.