Mechatronic System Design

About MSD


In 2014 Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) initiated the High Tech Systems Center (HTSC). This center aims to understand, teach and innovate system synthesis and design of complex equipment, instruments, robotic and manufacturing systems and systems-of-systems. The HTSC employ in-depth understanding of the classical engineering fields, together with model based systems engineering to conceive, predict and verify cutting-edge system functionalities and architecture.

In 2015 HTSC initiated a new 2-year post master (EngD) program to educate highly skilled design engineers for the high-tech systems industry. This program focuses on systems engineering in a mechatronics context and is known as Mechatronic Systems Design (MSD). Working with the industry is an essential ingredient of the program. The program is organized with close links to and cooperation with other successful EngD programs as Automotive Systems Design (ASD) and Software Technology (ST). Officially MSD is positioned as a sub-track of ASD. It's the intention to give it the status of a separate EngD program as soon as possible.

The 2-year program focuses on (model based) systems design, architecture and engineering in a multidisciplinary setting. The trainees are employed by by the TU/e. They work on strengthening both technical and non-technical competences related to the effective and efficient design and development of technologies and applications for the multidisciplinary field of high tech mechatronic systems.