Module 1

Systems Engineering

The idea of this first module is to provide basic courses and a training period on systems architecture and design with a strong focus on the automotive industry application domain. During the training period the trainees will focus on the system engineering aspects of the project that will be executed in module 2.

Module 2


During this module the trainees will conduct their project in parallel with the education.   The subject of the module is robotics in a systems’ engineering sense, dealing with subjects such as modelling, simulation, control, sensing and actuating, etc.   The project will be a continuation of the projects from previous years, and the ultimate goal is the development of an autonomous referee system for robot and human soccer using drones as the primary referee and auxiliary ground referee robots. This entails creating a system architecture and the implementation of modules of this architecture. The modules include for instance drone control, ball detection and tracking, indoor positioning and cooperative decision making. The TU/e robot soccer facilities will be used to test the developed systems.

Module 3

Software networked embedded systems

The focus of this module is on the domain software and networked embedded systems.

Technology domain: high-tech systems software and the correspondent hardware platform, including networks and system-to-system communication.

  • Hardware platforms: CPUs and buses
  • Mechatronic applications: data oriented, control oriented
  • Embedded real-time control, with examples
  • Structure of embedded automotive software
  • Tools

Module 4

mechatronic systems

In this module the focus will be on the systems of systems aspect, in particular for mechatronic applications. Each year the organizers will propose a new challenging project assignment, in cooperation with one or more industrial partners. This module is used to further define and improve a tailored systems engineering approach for high-end mechatronic systems – i.e. a way of working that is solid enough to formalize the design steps for ever more complex systems, but also agile enough to support the required short time to market for the high-end equipment industry.

Module 5

Final project

The final module consists of an (individual) design project at a company. For a period of 12 months, each trainee will execute a challenging design project at a company location. During this period the trainee will typically work in a company team on a design oriented problem, supervised by both company and university supervisors. During such a project a trainee has to deploy a self-managed process from ill-defined wishes (and needs) to concrete results. These projects are usually related to a feasibility analysis, a proof-of-concept, or first-of-a-kind development. The progress will be evaluated regularly and the trainee has to write a final report. At the end of this module, the trainee will participate in an official exam hearing. In this exam both the product of the design project as the underlying process will be evaluated. Upon successful completion he/she will be rewarded the PDEng degree.