Alumni MSD

Alumni 2019

Aditya Kamath MSc EngD

Project with TU/e – Blue Space, the Netherlands Title project: Enabling Remote Computation for Soccer Robots using 5G mm-Waves

Bahareh Aboutalebian MSc EngD

Project with TU/e, the Netherlands Title project: Pedestrian Intention and State Estimation

Mohamed Abdel-Alim Hassan Alosta MSc EngD

Project with Vanderlande Industries B.V., the Netherlands Titel project: The Smart Carrier: Design of a novel Approach to the next Generation of Line Sorters

Mohammad-Reza Homayoun

Project with VDL-ETG, the Netherlands Title project: Active Contamination Control for High-Tech Equipment and Substrates, Particle Generation

Sabyasachi Neogi

Project with Nearfield Instruments, the Netherlands Title project: Position Control of Nano-Positioning Stage

Sahar Etedalidehkordi

Project with Frencken Engineering B.V. Title project: Motor-assisted Floating Function for Frencken High-End Patient Table

Siddharth Khalate

Project with Eindhoven Medical Robotics Title project: Design of an Experiment Setup to validate ROP Laser Surgery Device

Alumni 2018

Farzad Mobini MSc EngD

Project with FlandersMake, Belgium. Title project: Robust Optimization for System Level Design in Powertrains.

Tuncay Uğurlu Ölçer MSc EngD

Project with Cerescon B.V., the Netherlands. Title project: Building a Hydraulic Z-Drive for an Asparagus Harvesting Machine.

Ir. Jordy Senden EngD

Project with AMSYSTEMS Center, the Netherlands. Title project: Design of a Recoater Concept for Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics.

Ir. Akarsh Sinha EngD

Project with Vencomatic Group B.V., the Netherlands. Title project: Use of Data from Vision Unit as a Management Tool.

Ir. Tim Verdonschot EngD

Project with AMSYSTEMS Center, the Netherlands. Title project: Development of the Machine Control Architectur for an Additive Manufacturing System.

Ir. Sa Wang EngD

Project with Eindhoven Medical Robots, the Netherlands. Title project: Necocure: a Mechatronic Solution for ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) Treatment.

Ir. Joep Wolken EngD,

Project with Marel Stork Poultry Processing B.V., the Netherlands. Title project: Design of Mechatronic Wishbone Removal Module.

Alumni 2017

The technological designer's program Automotive Systems Design organized a diploma award ceremony for the fifth generation of graduated technological designers on October 31, 2017. Among these graduates there are 4 trainees who followed the sub-track Mechatronic Systems Design. During a symposium all graduates presented their project results to the automotive industry, partners, supervisors from TU/e and industry, family and friends. In the afternoon the graduates received their diploma and the day was concluded with a dinner.

Tom Zwijgers MSc EngD

Project with Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands Title presentation: Maintenance and services in a DSM-based product familiy platform for ship locks

Cyrano Vaseur MSc EngD

Project with FlandersMake, Belgium Title presentation: Torsional vibration-and backlash compensation using non-linear feedforward control

Arash Roomi Zadeh MSc EngD

Project with ASM Laser Separation International, the Netherlands Title presentation: Performance improvement in wafer separation machines

Nestor Hernandez Rodriguez MSc EngD

Project with Thermo Fisher Scientific, the Netherlands Title project: A System Approach for a Vision-based positioning Mechanism