Automotive Systems Design

Application for traineeship ASD

Positions 2023-2025

POSITIONS 2023-2025

The next round of this program starts on October 30, 2023. We offer a maximum of 8 positions in Automotive Systems Design for EngD trainees employed at TU/e. In addition, we offer a maximum of 3 positions for company-EngD trainees in this period. The program is meant for MSc graduates (or similar level) in the field of automotive technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, embedded systems, systems & control, applied physics, aerospace engineering, or similar.

For a company-EngD traineeship, just send your motivation letter and CV to Your employer needs to support your education plan. In case, we see a match with the program, we will ask more information from you, and invite you for an interview. Next round is an invite for a meeting with you and your manager on how to fit your work schedule with the schedule of the program. The costs for a company-EngD traineeship will be requested from your employer, and amounts 35 kEur for the full traineeship. After the company-EngD contract is signed by your employer, you are admitted.

For a EngD traineeship as a TU/e employee, please, follow the application procedure. You will receive a monthly salary from the TU/e (gross monthly pay of 2009,-, which is expected to increase significantly in 2023). TU/e also offers a broad package of fringe benefits, including an 8% holiday allowance, an 8.3% end-of-year allowance, and excellent sports facilities. Migrants can make use of the 30% ruling (an income tax advantage). No tuition or enrollment fee applies. The university offers support for necessary visa applications, and finding housing in Eindhoven.

As a trainee you can expect a challenging, accredited, and highly valued training program, and ample opportunities (real-life and genuine challenges and problems) to further strengthen the necessary competencies for innovative design and development of high tech systems. This will boost your career in high tech industry!