Call for proposals

The next start of final projects is November 1, 2022
The submission period for these projects starts officially May 1, 2022
Deadline submission project proposals: September 1 , 2022

During the period November 1, 2022 till October 31, 2023 eight ASD and eight MSD designer trainees of generation C2021 will participate in one year projects related to the design and development of technologies and applications for modern high-tech Automotive and Mechatronic systems.

Companies and organizations that would like to have one or more of our trainees participate in operational projects in-company are invited to contact us for detailed information on relevant organizational and financial constraints related to these projects, or refer to the following documents:

ASD proposal information
MSD proposal information

You can submit your project proposals via these forms:

ASD project proposal form
MSD project proposal form
See also the information on past projects on ASD and MSD and read the testimonials of our alumni.