EngD Designing Human-System Interaction

The mission of the new HSI program is to train professionals to develop competences in designing and evaluating interactive intelligent and innovative systems, services, and products. The HSI program pays special attention to the frontier of the complex systems enabled by artificial intelligence, data science and other emerging technologies in high-tech systems, health applications and smart mobility, and its impact on individuals, organizations, and society. The goal is to ensure positive user experiences that support their values and needs. The new HSI program is based on three pillars (Figure 1):

  • Design thinking, systems thinking, and business innovation;
  • Scientifically founded and methodologically sound user-centered and data-driven approaches;
  • Understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Figure 1. Human-System Interaction Engineer

The trainees in the program will learn how to design and manage complex AI systems over their life cycle by using System Engineering concepts and a Systems Thinking approach. They will also be empowered with a designer’s toolkit to apply Design Thinking in a design process to tackle and reframe problems towards solutions and in an innovation process to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements in the AI-related industry for business success.

Designing user-centered AI systems introduces new challenges in a multi-agency paradigm, designing for interactions between two intelligent and sentient parties who each have decisional capabilities and can autonomously initiate or transform interactions. HSI provides new design methods and interaction metaphors for interacting with AI – continuous mutual cooperation, interdependency, and co-learning instead of interactions as isolated action-response sequences.

Understanding and applying Machine learning and AI in professional organizations would help make current industrial processes and services more efficient and help think beyond the horizon of current products and services, as machine learning and AI are creating important opportunities to augment products with new value based on analytics-driven services, and in the long run are the basis for innovative data-driven business models.

CCTO Certification

This program is recognized as a EngD program by the CCTO, the Dutch certification institute for technological designer programs.