Mission and vision

The Health domain has a total available market of 80 billion in the Netherlands alone. Application of new technologies is seen as one major factor to improve efficiency of healthcare and wellbeing while maintaining a high quality. High-tech companies in the Health and Well-being domain need professionals who can design and develop complex new products and processes and offer innovative solutions. Professionals who can fill the gap between market demand and technical possibilities. It is our mission to deliver these ‘Technological Designers’ to industry.

In-depth understanding of the needs and wishes of users has first priority. A designer makes choices, searches for alternatives and makes decisions, where not only logic and expertise but also creativity, intuition and good taste are very important.The decisions that are taken in the design phase have a great influence on the final product or process. They determine the major part of the production cost. The step from design to application is crucial for the innovative and competitive capabilities of a company and presents a real challenge to the creative Technological Designer. During the program the Technological Designer is being trained in detail in the latest design methods and how to apply these. Being able to synthesize, to work in multi-disciplinary teams and to use well-developed personal skills, the Technological Designer knows how to approach and to solve a problem and is therefore a very efficient employee for industry.