Call for proposals

Does your company have specific technical design challenges in the area of healthcare systems? Do these challenges need to be resolved within two years? Do they require a solid approach by a highly skilled Master in the field of Biosensor systems, Biomedical Signal Processing or Biomedical Imaging? Then our program may be of interest to you.

EngD program 

TU/e offers a two-year post-Master level engineering program (Professional Doctorate in Engineering, EngD). The department of Electrical Engineering hosts the Design of Electrical Engineering Systems (DEES) program, with a dedicated healthcare systems design track.

Design Project 

As an essential part of this program, the trainees participate in industrial design/development projects. The design projects are defined by your company, executed by our trainees, and typically will result in a proof of concept and/or a demonstrator.

During the two-year program, the trainee spends about 15 months at the host company intertwined with a dedicated education program at TU/e. During the entire period, the trainee is employed by TU/e. We do ask for a financial contribution to the salary costs of the trainee by your company.

Partnering TU/e 

For you, the industrial partner, such a project is a fixed-term, fixed-price project. TU/e offers its industrial companions a close partnership through the EngD projects, each of which focus on delivering solution to your design challenges. The Master graduate design trainees are highly skilled engineers that combine science and know-how at both the university and your company to solve complex technological problems.

Partnering TU/e in this program boosts your innovation capacity and gives your company the extra competitive edge it is looking for. In addition, the EngD program allows your company to scout and attract talented engineers/designers and be a step ahead of the competition in the employment arena.

Proposal Guidelines

The project is defined by your company and offers you a new and innovative design and/or solution, strong interaction between the trainee, your own employees and senior TU/e engineering staff. Any EngD project will include the traditional design cycle aspects: investigation, planning, implementation and evaluation. This hands-on approach marks the difference with more theoretical PhD projects.

Program and Coaching

Within the DEES program, your company and the DEES staff together recruit trainees specifically for your project. From the start of the project, trainees in part time will follow a training program on professional development, design/modelling, and project-specific courses/workshops. This curricular part of the program on average will take about 9 out of the total 24 months of the traineeship and is interleaved with the main project.

For every project, an expert from TU/e is appointed that is supervising the trainee during the project. We expect your company to provide sufficient coaching for the trainee(s). Based upon past experience, this will take at least 2 hours per week from the time of the personal coach at your company.

Quality assurance

DEES program is a dedicated postmasters engineering training that complies with the regulations of the TU/e Graduate School. For each individual project, a graduation committee will be appointed. This committee includes at least one representative from your company and is responsible for safeguarding the quality and progress of the EngD project.