The Health domain has a total available market of 80 billion in the Netherlands alone. Application of new technologies is seen as one major factor to improve efficiency of healthcare and wellbeing while maintaining a high quality. The target of the Healthcare system design program are companies in this field. Many players, ranging from large Multi-nationals to SME and start-ups are active. Many of those will profit from the new training program. As healthcare and wellbeing is an internationally relevant topic, many companies in the world are potentially interested in the program and it is expected, that also the trainees will be a multi-cultural group.

The Eindhoven area is known for its large variety of Healthcare companies and the Healthcare System design program continuous to build collaborations with an increasing number of companies.

Furthermore the program extends to outside the Eindhoven area with intention to also address companies abroad. The curricular structure with block-lectures lends itself for this, as the trainees can work on the engineering projects at the companies location and efficiently travel back to Eindhoven for the block-lectures only.