Study program

Design Project (75 ECT)

Central part of the program is the design project. Usually this project is performed in collaboration with an industrial partner in medical technology.

Curricular program (45 ECT)

The curricular part of the program revolves around three main domains:

  • Design skills
  • Professional skills
  • Knowledge

The program is designed to support the design project. All knowledge gained in the courses can directly be applied in the design project. And vice versa, in many courses the trainee’s design projects are used as case studies for assignments.

Design skills

Trainees take courses on different aspects of the entire design process. Courses within this domain are:

  • System Thinking
  • Systems Engineering Advanced
  • Design Methods for ICT-systems
  • Practical Data Analysis using ‘R’
  • Design of Experiments in a Nutshell

Professional skills

Professional development is an important aspect in the program. Courses within this domain are:

  • Project Based Management
  • Professional Writing Skills
  • Professional Development
  • Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Team Assignment
  • Scientific Integrity
  • Information Research


For the Knowledge domain, trainees take elective courses specific for their design project. This can be master courses within the department of Electrical Engineering, but also other courses at TU/e or external courses.