Dr. Aly Aamer Syed

Dr. Aly Aamer Syed, NXP Research Department, Senior Scientist

According to dr. Aly Aamer Syed, Senior Scientist at NXP on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, time is scarce within the high tech environment. ‘So making time free for testing potentially good ideas and further working them out is therefore a challenge we as a high tech organisation have to face daily. Eventually you have to keep innovating to maintain your advance’, Syed tells. NXP Research found a solution for this, resulting in a cooperation with multiple technological designer programs of the Stan Ackermans Institute.

Within the department Advance Applications Labs at NXP Research, longstanding cooperation partner of the Stan Ackermans Institute, the focus is on making buildings and systems smarter. ‘This research area demands for trainees from different disciplines. We therefore work together with trainees from several designer programs of the Eindhoven University of Technology, such as Information and Communication (Department of Electrical Engineering), Smart Energy Buildings and Cities (Department of Built Environment) and Software Technology (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science). The trainees of the Stan Ackermans Institute are always enthusiastic, motivated and hands-on. When they start here, we simply know that within a year we will have concrete results and a prototype at our disposal, tested against the latest scientific insights within the field. The ideas that prove successful and turn out to be feasible according to the final project of the trainee, NXP R&D further develops into new products’, Syed explains.