Jobs after graduation

What type of jobs do MSD graduates start after the program?

MSD graduates can start numerous types of jobs in high tech industry. Just to name a few functions that recent graduates started:

System Designer, System Designer R&D, Systems Engineer, Mechatronic Designer/Integrator, Mechatronic Design Engineer, Mechatronics Systems Engineer, Mechatronics Engineer, R&D Engineer, Researcher, Sales Development Account Manager, Application Engineer, and various other functions.

And in what companies?

MSD graduates started their jobs in various companies in the Netherlands, but also some abroad. Examples are:

ASML, VDL-ETG, DAF, Vanderlande, TMC, Saietta Electric Drive, Philips, TomTom, Mecal, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Prodrive Technologies, Nobleo, YER, Meco Equipment Engineers, EFFECT Photonics, Molex, Movella, Eindhoven Medical Robotics, TNO, TU/e, and many more.