Management Team

prof. dr. ir. M. (Martin) van Sint Annaland

'The post-master's program offers considerable added value for MSc graduates in chemical, mechanical and food engineering as well as for graduates in applied physics. Trainees acquire new knowledge on various disciplines and develop personal skills in the first year. In the second year they are challenged in project work at a company in the second year. The PDEng title paves the way towards execution of design projects with a high level of competence and independence in oil refining, fuel production, energy, food, polymers and specialties.'

Scientific director of the PPD program
tel: +31 (0)40 247 2241 / 4695

Ana Rovers Dr. Eng.

The designer's program Process and Product Design offers engineers an excellent opportunity to add depth to their professional expertise. The extensive and varied program does, however, demand a lot of motivation of its participants.
All courses are specially developed for the program Process and Product Design. External agencies and lecturers from various departments broaden the knowledge base in fields like technical reporting, project work, and business economics, and add the knowledge in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics.
For the main part, the more specific lectures in the field of Process and Product Design are taught by lecturers from industry. The course participants can also take courses which are offered by the national research schools. During the training, teamwork is a very important aspect. Besides the technological development, the program offers courses that are directed to the personal development of the course participants.'

Program CoordinatorProcess and Product Design

Alev Ortac

"Our management assistant takes care of many essential points that will arise, like procedures for application, information, intake interviews, registration and permits. Besides supporting the staff on all important items, she regularly is the central point in dealing with all small and larger problems that newcomers may encounter after arriving in Eindhoven."

Management assistant, Process and Product Design Program
tel: +31 (0)40 2472078

BODEC Process Technology

Technological design projects are carried out in the second year. These are challenging projects - carried out in collaboration with industry over twelve months - with a high reality value that are aimed at developing the trainee design engineers' abilities. The projects involve reaching a specific design objective within a restricted period of time and with limited means. Students will be coached by design engineers from industry and by university staff with clear and relevant design experience. The projects are monitored by project planning, regular progress meetings and monthly project management meetings.

Coordinators of the second year projects
Scheepsboulevard 3
5705 KZ Helmond
tel. +31 (0)492-779768

Paul Deckers
Paul Deckers
Frank de Boeff