Power VIBEX Energy System Design and Fabrification


EngD trainee Marius Lazauskas
University supervisor dr. ir. S.P.G. (Faas) Moonen
Company supervisor Hubert von Heyden
Name of company Flexhotels
Period of project Oct 2018 - Sep 2020


PowerVIBES - GEM Tower was envisioned as a project that could deliver a solution that could help tackle the carbon emissions emitted by diesel generators powering most outdoor summer music festivals. Wind energy in combination with Solar energy and energy Storage were the technologies that were used to achieve this. The innovative aspect was hybrid use of different energy sources and energy storage all combined into one solution - GEM Tower. At the end not much electrical energy was provided by the GEM Tower, but nonetheless copious amounts of different kinds of energy - awareness. As most business owners will tell you, sales is one of the most difficult and often overlook aspects of a successful business. Therefore the awerens created by the PowerVIBES - GEM Tower project paves the way for other more practical innovations to conquer the transition into renewable energy space.