ST offers a bridge from university to industry

Emma Song PDEng

Emma Song PDEng, ASML, Software Lead Designer. ST Graduate 2009.

'After my Master study in Embedded Software Systems at Zhejiang University in China, I wanted to further develop my skills in the software domain. Studying for a PhD was an option of course, but I rather wanted to work in industry. Through my boyfriend – who was looking for a post-graduate program as well – I came to know about the designer program Software Technology (ST). We were both admitted to and graduated from a designer program at TU/e.

What I like best about the ST program is the close contact with a company and the teamwork during the projects. I didn’t have much experience in working in companies when I gained my Master’s. The ST program helped me to adapt to the Dutch environment and prepared me for a job in industry. ST offers a bridge from university to industry.

The multicultural aspect of the program is also an advantage. Working with many different nationalities enables you to learn a lot from each other because of all the different angles. Besides that, it’s fun to work with people from different cultures.

I did my final project at Philips Healthcare. My job was to redesign the architecture of a software product. I enjoyed my time at Philips very much. I learned a lot from my colleagues and designing software architecture was exactly what I wanted to do. In the future, I would like to become an architect.'