How we teach

Structure of TU/e Graduate School programs

The TU/e Graduate School offers three types of educational programs: master’s degree programs, EngD programs and PhD programs. 

The master’s degree programs have a fixed structure with courses, electives and projects/internships. The EngD programs are high-level designer programs that include doing complex projects in industry.  And the PhD programs prepare you for a career in academia and are based on individual vacancies. 

Master’s degree programs

If you are currently doing a bachelor’s degree program at TU/e, you can automatically enroll in one of the matching two-year master’s degree programs, at TU/e, Delft University of Technology or the University of Twente. If you would like to enroll in a master’s degree program in a different field, you may need to make up for some deficiencies.

If you are doing a bachelor’s degree program at a HBO another university, you can check the doorstroommatrix whether that program qualifies you for the master’s degree program of your choice or if you have deficiencies to make up

TU/e offers 22 master’s degree programs and 35 master’s degree tracks. These tracks are slightly different versions of the same degree program, leading to the same title on your diploma but a different emphasis of knowledge and skills. All TU/e master’s degree programs confer the degree of Master of Science.

Studying abroad

At Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), it is our goal to have every Dutch master’s degree student earn some ECTS outside of the Netherlands. For instance by doing an internship or a graduation project abroad. Or by studying at a university in another country for a semester. 

Studies show that employers value international experience. In addition, students who have studied or done an internship abroad find a job more easily. They also tend to command a higher starting salary. And, of course, it is also just a lot of fun to live in another country for a time, enjoying the culture, the people and all the unique experiences you will have! 

Support, scholarships and language courses

Several sources of financial support and scholarships are available for students in our exchange program. You will also have guidance and support from your own program. Before you head off, you can work on your foreign-language knowledge at the TU/e language center.  

EngD degree programs

After obtaining your master’s degree, you can join one of our 11 two-year technological designer programs. The first year, you will take advanced courses to learn complex design and problem-solving skills. The second year, you will apply your new expertise in practice by doing a large, complex design project within a company. You will graduate with a Engineering Doctorate (EngD) degree. All Dutch EngD degree programs are part of the 4TU.School for Technological Design, the Stan Ackermans Institute. 

PhD degree programs

After completing your master’s degree program, you can also decide to work towards a PhD and become an independent researcher. PhD positions generally take four years and are based on vacancies, so keep an eye out at your department.

Certificate programs

Within your master’s degree program, you can take additional courses to work towards a certificate. These certificate programs offer a broader perspective on technology, with topics such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, business administration, development and globalization.  

Graduate Programs

The TU/e Graduate School is organized in a number of Graduate Programs: one or more master’s degree programs (with potentially a number of specialized master tracks) in a certain field, and the matching technological designer’s (EngD) or doctorate (PhD) programs.