After graduation

Engineers capable of applying a systems approach are in high demand in the automotive industry. The multidisciplinary character of this master’s prepares you for working in the automotive industry, but also in similar industries with a comparable background, such as mechatronics and aerospace engineering. Your career choice is not limited to the specialization you chose during your master’s. Take a look where are our alumni​​​ ended up after graduating.

EngD program Automotive Systems Design or PhD

After your master’s, you can also pursue a EngD (Engineering Doctorate) or a PhD.

Successful completion of the paid EngD Automotive Systems Design program means that you will have earned a Professional Doctorate in Engineering. During this program, you broaden your technological knowledge and learn how to apply it in practice. The design program consists of two parts: in the first year you take a number of courses to prepare you for a broad multidisciplinary subject project. In the second year you execute this project under the supervision of experienced professionals.

The PhD program prepares you for a career in academic research. For four years, you are paid to conduct research at TU/e on a specific subject within the domain of Automotive Technology.

Are you already thinking of pursuing a PhD? Take a look at PhD at TU/e and see what the Eindhoven University of Technology can offer you.