About DS&AI

About the master Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

  • DS&AI is the only engineering program in the Netherlands in which advanced techniques and methods from the fields of data science and artificial intelligence are combined. 
  • You'll find unique specializations in process mining (the fastest growing analytics field led by our world-leading research group), visualization and visual analytics (essential for explainable AI and machine learning), and knowledge management and data integration. 
  • As a DS&AI student, you specialize according to your own interests. We help you in finding your route. 
  • Upon graduation, you will be able to develop and engineer advanced data analytics techniques and AI methods to understand, create, and apply intelligent systems.
  • You complete a degree in the heart of the fast-growing, high-tech Brainport region.

Does the tremendous potential of combining data science with AI techniques excite you?

Are are you struck by the prospect of using data to generate actionable knowledge, making a difference in major societal challenges? A master's degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence engineering might just be your perfect fit.

DS&AI provides students with a wide range of opportunities for studying, researching, and combining data science and artificial intelligence at the interface of their largest potential: using advanced analytics and techniques to turn data into intelligent solutions. Opting for a master's degree in DS&AI at TU/e means that you submerge yourself in one of the quickest-growing regions in Europe: the Brainport area is an ecosystem in which knowledge-intensive manufacturing and various industries meet. In Eindhoven, engineering and data science expertise truly come to life.

DS&AI students develop end-to-end technical abilities, combining and developing data-driven approaches and learning methods in a rapidly evolving field.

Our vision for a 'good engineer'

We believe that doing a good job as an engineer in data science or AI means that you're able to integrate a wide range of techniques and skills from various expertise areas, while continuously being mindful of the impact of your solutions. Our DS&AI master's program fully prepares students for a career in engineering tomorrow's smartest solutions that exceed and complement human intelligence in a fair, trustworthy, sustainable, and, most of all, people-centred way. Data scientists understand the big societal challenges of the future. We are proud to educate and accelerate good engineers!