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Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship

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  • 30 March 2023 Open Day at JADS Den Bosch

ECTS points
Two years
Master of Science

From 1 September 2022, the joint Master’s program of TU/e and Tilburg University - Data Science and Entrepreneurship - has a new name: Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship. This new name better covers the content of the program: you learn how to use data science to develop innovative activities for both established corporations and promising start-ups.
The information available on this website will soon be updated. Please visit the webpage of JADS for a correct and complete overview of the program. 
Should you be interested in applying for the Master or pre-Master: from now on, all applications must be sent to Tilburg University. After unconditional admission, you will be enrolled in both universities and you will have access to the facilities of all three campuses in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven and Tilburg

Are you willing to take a calculated risk? Explore a unique if unorthodox initiative? Does your instinct tell you to use data to determine which problems need solving first? Or do you prefer to back your judgment and rely on your intuition? Or, better still, combine data and intuition? If your answer to all of these questions is an unequivocal yes, then our master’s program in Data Science & Entrepreneurship is exactly what you need to develop the business-oriented tools to propel your budding company onwards and upwards.

Let’s just be perfectly clear what we mean by Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship:

  • Data science aims to derive actionable insights from large amounts of data, such as methods for and theories about data integration, data cleaning, data mining, process mining, business analytics and data architectures.
  • Entrepreneurship encompasses the successful development of new business models and entrepreneurial ventures by exploiting new algorithms, models, theories, tools, and project solutions; this is achieved by promoting data entrepreneurship, defining business models, fueling creativity and fostering open innovation.

Business-technology-analytics all-in-one
The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) offers this two-year MSc Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship, which truly is an interdisciplinary business-technology-analytics program. Taught in English, this master’s degree is ideal for students eager to make effective use of data science in business. The program synthesizes the unparalleled strengths of TU/e and Tilburg University, harnessing the technological know-how of Eindhoven with the business, legal and societal insights of Tilburg. This synergy enables us to educate data science-driven entrepreneurs who have the capability to create, develop and market data technologies, conduct research, and present results in a clear, non-technical manner. Supporting disciplines, including law and ethics, are also included in the MSc curriculum.

Benefits of success outweigh risk of failure
It will come as no surprise to any aspiring master’s student that success along the rocky road of entrepreneurial endeavor is by no means guaranteed. Data science and entrepreneurship require similar outlooks that come down to the following: the chance of failure is high, but the benefits from success outweigh this risk. To put it into perspective, approximately 85% of data initiatives fail* due to their inability to attain initial goals, whether these objectives are measured in terms of revenue, cost savings or efficiency gains and the like. Displayed graphically**, this is what happens:

* Gartner analyst Nick Heudecker in November 2017
** The Real Data Science Workflow, Harvard 2018

So how can I stop this vicious circle from spinning – and turn it around?
We hear you wondering; is this where I want to go, do I have the skills to buck the trend, launch an entrepreneurial data science initiative and make a success of it by meeting and exceeding expectations? We sense you questioning whether this master’s program is the right fit for your interests and abilities. Let’s run you through what you would learn in the course of this two-year MSc and how it will enable you strategically to feel comfortable and confident about embarking on an entrepreneurial journey of this nature.

Obtain, scrub, explore, model and interpret the data
Essentially, it comes down to this. We will teach you how to understand the objective, import the data, explore and clean it, model the data and communicate the results. We will show you how to apply the data revolution to develop innovative, value-adding and sustainable business activities within corporations, start-ups and scale-ups. You will learn how to obtain, scrub, explore, model and interpret data. We will help you to translate innovative, data-driven ideas into specific project requirements, develop technological solutions, launch a business venture and assess its effectiveness. After all, Data Science is relevant to all industries at all business crossroads, and the foundations of this discipline are ideal for single-minded professionals interested in starting a company or taking it to the next level.

Seeing the value of a data-driven solution
Data scientists and entrepreneurs perceive the value of a data-driven solution. Data scientists are able to analyze massive amounts of data, see patterns in it and convert this to new products or services which are useful for business. This requires:

  • Curiosity: your ambition is to discover and model a problem down to a clear set of concepts and hypotheses that can be tested.
  • Creativity: you wish to examine a problem from different angles and find novel solutions.
  • Communication skills: you are able to communicate effectively about the many faces of data science, and you know how to use data to tell a story.
  • Social skills: you are able to work with like-minded entrepreneurs from similar and different backgrounds to tackle compelling and challenging problems.
  • Interest in/knowledge of entrepreneurship: you desire to develop a personal culture of creativity reinforced by entrepreneurial skills.
  • Technical expertise: you have the ability to recognize trends in enormous amounts of data and convert these patterns into new products or services.

Why follow this program at JADS and not elsewhere?

The Master’s program Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship (jd) is the first multidisciplinary data science program in the Netherlands, and has been developed completely from scratch by two universities combining technology with business context and social impact.

  1. A unique combination of business and IT
    Preparing you for jobs at the interface of data science and entrepreneurship.
  2. A unique educational experience
    Challenging students with real-world data entrepreneur problems in tandem with industry.
  3. Combining theory and practice
    The backbone of the program comprises a series of Data Entrepreneurship in Action courses. Working in a team, you learn to apply data-driven methods.

The MSc Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship - a joint initiative by Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology – will be hosted at the campus in the southern Dutch city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The cheerful campus in vibrant downtown Den Bosch is located in a former convent. It offers students the best of both worlds: a buoyant campus life in the heart of a spirited city. It’s the perfect place for students, researchers and industry to join forces.

Combining the technological know-how of Eindhoven with the business, legal and societal insights of Tilburg is the ideal stepping stone to educating data science-driven entrepreneurs able to create, develop and market data technologies, conduct research, and present results in a clear, non-technical manner. You’ll learn from lecturers who are experts in their respective fields. You’ll develop skills and gain experience that will make you a well-rounded data scientist. You will understand how to use real data and case studies of data-driven issues and how these impact industry and society.

Premaster Program

When preparing for this Data Science in business and Entrepreneurship master’s program, we offer a Premaster of 30 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation Systems (ECTS). This half-year preparatory program has been designed for applicants with a sufficient background in statistics and mathematics, but who are not directly eligible for the master’s program.

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This program is NVAO-accredited. In the Netherlands, the NVAO assesses the internal quality assurance of universities and colleges and the quality of their programs.