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ES: applying your knowledge in the fastest-growing, high-tech region of the netherlands

Reliable systems: in charge of a trustworthy and efficient future

Of course, you know it. Yet, you might not always notice it. Electronic embedded systems are, quite literally, everywhere. From (smart) TVs to production lines, and from medical appliances to self-driving cars - these days, all kinds of devices contain a certain level of sensing, actuation, control, computing and communication capabilities. 

With the increasing complexity and growing emphasis on the resource constraints of this type of equipment and technology, dependability and robustness of embedded systems applications are key. If you're ready to take your computer science and electrical engineering skills to the next level in a one-of-a-kind master's program, then a master's degree in Embedded Systems (ES) at TU/e might be your perfect fit.

An MSc in ES all-round prepares you in becoming a new and highly sought-after type of engineer with an in-depth and applicable knowledge of both software and hardware and teaches you an integrated approach towards the design process of complex (stand-alone or networked) embedded systems.

ES at TU/e: facts and figures

  • An average yearly inflow of more than 60 students, from a variety of relevant academic backgrounds.

  • An extensive, all-round program that lasts 2 years.

  • A unique combination of electrical engineering and computer science expertise.

  • Close collaboration with industry players in the exciting Brainport region.

  • A strong focus on the behavior, resource efficiency, robustness, and dependability of embedded systems.

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EIT Digital Master Embedded Systems

The EIT -ES program will be discontinued at our University. From AY 2023-2024 the TU/e will not accept any new (EIT-entry) students for this program. Students that have already started their program at another university in AY2022-2023 (EIT-exit) will be allowed to finish their studies at TU/e in 2023-2024.

A distinctive feature of the EIT Digital Master School: you will study at two top universities in two different European countries.

The EIT Digital Master School offers an international master program on ICT Innovation. EIT Digital Embedded Systems combines technical majors with a minor on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. As a student at the EIT Digital Master School you not only get fundamental knowledge and skills related to technical subjects, but you also learn how to put your innovative ideas on the market.


This program is NVAO-accredited. In the Netherlands, the NVAO assesses the internal quality assurance of universities and colleges and the quality of their programs.