Degree structure

Each year of this two-year program is divided into two semesters, each composed of two quartiles of 8 weeks each. During this time, you have lectures followed by an examination period of two to three weeks. The program consists of:  

  • Compulsory courses 
  • Electives 
  • Final project 

The compulsory courses – which include computer science and electrical engineering courses – provide you with a general foundation, while the electives enable you to broaden your program on the basis of your personal interests and ambitions. One semester of your second year’s study is spent on your final project, and there is a very wide range of subjects from which to choose. You may carry out this project in the business community or you can contribute towards the scientific research at our university. 


If you would like to apply the knowledge that you gain during your program to a practical setting and get an early insight into the employment market, you can undertake an internship with a company, a government or other institution, or with our university itself. The subject of the internship may differ from the specialization you have chosen but must be relevant to the master’s degree you are following.