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Master of Science (MSc)

Technological development can make people's daily lives healthier and safer, as well as more understandable, independent, fun and comfortable. New technologies provide us with new means of communication and entertainment; and ways to make life more sustainable to protect the planet for future generations. But for these technologies to be really successful, people need to use them properly as well as trust, accept and adopt them.  

Applying knowledge of social sciences to technology 

Human-technology interaction engineering aims to build that trust and understanding by looking at technology from a user’s perspective. This requires a profound understanding of both human and technological aspects. These include usability, ergonomics, perception, cognition, decision making, social psychology, consumer behavior and environmental psychology 

Master of Human-Technology Interaction 

Our multidisciplinary Human-Technology Interaction master’s program provides fundamental knowledge of the psychological sciences covering basic themes such as perception, cognition, communication, motivation and attitudes. This knowledge is then applied to a technological domain of your choice. For example, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), sustainable energy, or the built environment. 

The program focuses on new opportunities and problems arising from these rapidly changing technological domains. You will need a thorough understanding of technology, therefore a substantial part of the program consists of engineering courses in the area of your interest. 

After completing the program, you will be able to assess the viability of new technological developments in relation to human constraints and capabilities. This knowledge will enable you to play an important role in the design of new technologies by putting the user in a central position. 

Emese Corbet

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