About IAM

Did you know that the IAM master at TU/e - as the first Europe-based university - has won an international prize for the applied, future-proof approach in our program?

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About the master Industrial and Applied Mathematics

  • Problem solving is a core capability throughout the degree.
  • Your specialization is up to you. We guide you and help you find your perfect route.
  • You complete your degree in the heart of the fast-growing, high-tech Brainport region.
  • Soft skills are nourished and prepare you for an all-round career in mathematical engineering.
  • IAM alumni are frontrunning mathematical experts who make an impact.

Are you fascinated by the applied, industry-driven side of mathematics?

Then an IAM-degree is likely perfect for you. The program will teach you not just how to analyze and describe existing situations, but also how to design and optimize desired results. This hands-on, applied approach makes our program unique and end-to-end prepares you for your next step: whether you continue your academic journey with a PhD or kickstart your career outside of the university.

Mathematical engineers make a societal impact. Opting for a master's degree in IAM at TU/e means that you submerge yourself in one of the fastest-growing regions in Europe: the Brainport area is an ecosystem in which knowledge-intensive manufacturing and various industries meet. In Eindhoven, your applied math expertise accelerates cutting-edge innovations.

Problem solving is a core capability throughout the degree. On top of that, we offer our students various opportunities to develop and nourish their talents and interests. To reach your full potential as an all-round mathematical engineer, we believe that soft skills are paramount, which is why these are an important part of the IAM-degree (for example, as part of the TU/e SkillsLab).