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Industrial Design master’s degree program

Are you looking to make a difference in the world with your creative technological solutions? When you enroll in our Industrial Design master’s degree program, you will be empowered to achieve real change. You will look beyond the traditional considerations of form and function to integrate emerging technologies, data processing and interaction design.

You can choose to translate new technologies into useful everyday products and systems, or to focus on innovating on a community level, aimed at solving major societal issues.

Self-directed education

Ever since its start in 2001, the Industrial Design department has used a unique, self-directed, competence-focused educational approach. From your first day, you will be encouraged to develop your own vision and professional identity as a designer. The master’s degree program only has two mandatory courses; you can choose rest of the program based on your vision and ambitions. Read more about the course structure.

This educational approach results in unique, driven designers, entrepreneurs and researchers. Our alumni stand out because of their pro-active, hands-on attitude, where prototyping is an essential part of the design and research process. Read more about your opportunities after graduation.

Intensive coaching

During your studies, you will be supported by a range of professionals: designers, researchers, project coaches, mentors, teachers and experts from the field. They will inspire you to look further, think more critically and develop in the direction that suits you. You will often do projects in collaboration with an external commissioning client. Read more about what makes Industrial Design in Eindhoven so special!


Leonie Tenthof van Noorden

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