Master Industrial Design

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Master program
Two years
Master of Science (MSc)

Industrial Design at TU/e focuses on the design of systems with emerging technologies in a societal context. When designing such systems you will transcend traditional considerations of form and function and include data processing, user experience and interaction design. Next to that, these systems should create business value and social impact.


If you go for this master in Industrial Design, you will be empowered to achieve true change by tackling challenges associated with specific societal and business contexts. We address topics such as intelligent lighting, games that support a healthy lifestyle, interfaces for autonomous vehicles, clothing with embedded technology, and much more.


The goal of the Industrial Design master’s program is to support you in becoming a self-directed industrial design engineer with a unique competency profile. This profile combines specific attitude, skills and knowledge from five areas of expertise:

  • Creativity and Aesthetics
  • Technology and Realization
  • Users and Society
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Math, Data and Computing

On top of a solid base in all areas and Design and Research Processes, you can develop your individual profile by specializing in two areas throughout the master. You choose courses that support your specialization.

Unique teaching model

The Industrial Design department applies a teaching model that focuses on learning through developing competencies. In essence, the model ensures direct application of what you learn based on the integration of specific competencies. Through authentic design and design research projects, you integrate a specific attitude, skills and knowledge from the five areas of expertise. These projects support the development of your academic and professional skills and typically include a real (business) client. 

By choosing your own projects and learning opportunities, you can develop a professional identity that matches both your ambitions as an industrial design engineer and your vision on design, technology and society. Each student is monitored by project coaches, mentors, lecturers and experts, who provide regular feedback to ensure continued progress.

Leonie Tenthof van Noorden

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