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120 ECTS
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Master program
Two years
Master of Science

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and broadest technical disciplines we know, applied to contemporary technologies. It is all about devising, designing, building and improving technological solutions. These are often mechanical products, such as autonomous vehicles and mechanical metamaterials. In addition, a mechanical engineer also tests and constructs entire processes and systems, from large scale to below nanometer level. This is only possible with a good understanding of the latest technological developments and sufficient fundamental knowledge. Furthermore, being a mechanical engineer requires the ability to place your own discoveries in a societal context and the power to combine this with the ideas of future fellow engineers from other professional fields.

During this master's program, you will not only have lectures and study for exams, but you will also be prepared for the 'real world'. You do so mainly through projects that are included in various courses, by means of an internship and your graduation research project. This way, you learn how to immediately apply the theoretical background to today's technical developments. Think of robotic surgery, 3D printing of the most complex and miniscule shapes with a wide range of materials and a new carbon-free, recyclable fuel.

If this appeals to you, then the Master's Program of Mechanical Engineering in Eindhoven is the right program for you.

Master Mechanical Engineering

The Master's Program of Mechanical Engineering consists of three research divisions, each with its own research area. At the start of your master's program, you choose one of these divisions.

  • Dynamical Systems Design (DSD): various components combined form a system, which functions according to the requirements and wishes of the user. Good control over the various levels is essential, as well as the right assembly of the various components. This division contains the following research groups:
  • Computational and Experimental Mechanics (CEM): the materials that make up constructions and machinery or appliances must be able to withstand mechanical and external forces. This division focuses on the analysis, processing and development of materials in the broadest sense. This division contains the following research groups:
  • Thermo Fluids Engineering (TFE): flow and the transfer of heat and matter are at the core of this research division, with energy conversion and storage as two of the most important scopes. This division contains the following research groups:

The specialization you choose is an important point of focus in your master's program. At the same time, the program is designed such that you can also deepen your knowledge in other areas. As a Mechanical Engineering student, you have the freedom to design your own study program.

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