Course structure

In the first year of this two-year program you will be assigned to a specialization based on your own motivation. In consultation with your graduation professor you select your complete set of courses. This selection depends on the specialization you have chosen. Besides these technical courses, the master's program also offers you the opportunity to select two courses in the field of professional skills. 

The individual space allows you to follow additional courses, to take part in an internal research project, or to extend your traineeship or graduation project. You start your graduation project when you have completed your courses and your traineeship.  


The traineeship has a value of 15 credits, which equals a 3-month full-time job. It is possible to extend your traineeship with 5 credit points from the individual space. Its main goal is to develop your scientific research skills, while getting the opportunity to link theory to daily professional practice. In some cases, the traineeship helps you to become more acquainted with the field of your graduation project. 

The traineeship normally takes place outside of the university, either in the Netherlands or abroad (which is preferred for Dutch students). 

Program structure

During your graduation project, which lasts three quarters of the academic year, you will further develop the expertise and skills you developed during the first year. You will demonstrate your ability to carry out a research or design project independently. The project can be carried out in one of the research laboratories at the department, or in industry. Approximately half the graduation projects are carried out in industry.  

For Dutch students it is possible to start the master's program on September 1st or on February 1st. International students can only enroll in September. 

Core program 

20 EC 

Specialization courses 

20 EC 

Professional skills 

5 EC 

Individual space 

15 EC 


15 EC 

Graduation project 

45 EC 

Research groups Mechanical Engineering