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Would you like to learn how to absorb comprehensive know-how in the field of operations, supply chain and logistics – and how to grow into a leadership role? Are you interested in applying that knowledge as a Logistics manager, analyzing the current operational performance of an organization in terms of production and distribution? Do you want to develop the skills to understand an executive overview of the flow of goods between point of origin and point of consumption? If so, then Operations Management and Logistics at the TU/e may well be the master’s program you’re looking for!

Let’s be sure we understand the terminology:

  • Operations form the base of every organization, whether in manufacturing, service or non-profit industries. Operations extend from the performance management of a group of design engineers or building in quality-feedback loops to the precise prediction of production and delivery performance. Supply chain management and service engineering are also part of operations management.
  • Logistics manages the distribution process of resources, ranging from physical items – food, liquids, animals, equipment and materials – to more abstract items such as information, particles and energy.

OML: analyzing an organization’s operational performance

Operations Management and Logistics (OML) is a multidisciplinary field that addresses the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of an organization. OML offers a broad array of appropriate tracks and specialization-related courses, comprising topics such as:

  • service engineering
  • quality reliability and management
  • supply chain management
  • human performance management
  • data science/artificial intelligence

Improving performance by redesigning business process

Our OML Master of Science (MSc) degree program provides theory, tools and techniques for the management of operations. You will apply the knowledge that you gain during the program in various projects, learning what it means to carry out your own research. The program is coherent and diverse, offering ample room for choice within all tracks. We operate a highly-personalized supervision system and will show you how to analyze the current operational performance of an organization, how to explain it in terms of quality, cost and time, and how to improve this performance by redesigning business processes.

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Chat with our students

Why should I follow this program at the TU/e and not elsewhere, what makes it unique?

A key feature of the OML program is that the interest of students is paramount in terms of flexibility in the selection process. The program offers the students four tracks (plus a special/free track) that consist of courses that belong together. The final master thesis is written about a subject related to the chosen track, specific to the individual course program as well as the interests of the student. These are the tracks:

  1. Smart Services (previously Services)
  2. Supply Chain Management (previously Supply Chains)
  3. Smart Industry (previously Manufacturing and Maintenance)
  4. Analytics for Transport and Mobility (previously Transport and Mobility)

While the program is at all times one OML MSc program, the tracks are there to guide you from the beginning in order to help you choose the most relevant and appropriate courses for your master’s projects. In this brochure, you can read more about the program and tracks.

The Special/Free track is for excellent (honors) students who wish to design their own master program, in close cooperation with their personal mentor.

An online open day will take place on December 16, 2023. An on-campus open day will follow in February 2024. Create a MyStart account, and we will keep you informed about our events and notify you as soon as registration opens.

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This program is NVAO-accredited. In the Netherlands, the NVAO assesses the internal quality assurance of universities and colleges and the quality of their programs.