After graduation

The MSc Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion is the perfect preparation for a career in international fusion research. With construction of ITER now starting, a new generation of bright and well-trained fusion researchers and engineers is needed. Young people with a good overview over the field, a keen eye for the societal aspects of fusion energy and the drive to bring the incredibly complex ITER project to success. 

In the ITER project industry plays a very important role. Over 80% of the ITER budget will be spent in industrial contracts. In the Netherlands about 30 companies, mostly high-tech, are actively involved in (preparatory) work for ITER. And the emerging 'fusion industry' also needs engineers with a solid knowledge of the field.

A career in high-tech industry

The future of graduates does not have to be at ITER or in the fusion industry. Fusion is an interdisciplinary field in which many competences come together. As a graduate of this program, you will have learned to work in international, interdisciplinary teams, towards a concrete goal and against a deadline. These skills and competences prepare you well for a career in any innovative high-tech industry. Typically, two-thirds of graduates from this program continue their career in industry.