Degree structure

The program starts with a number of corecourses that provide a good technical knowledge base, which you can then apply in your chosen specialization courses. This fundamental knowledge is a primary requirement for evaluation of the different technologies and assessment of their feasibility. 

Degree structure

In the core program you will learn the scientific principles of energy technology – with respect to both heat and electricity – and you will apply these principles in simulations and design assignments. In project work you will focus on the technical, economic and society-related aspects. The majority of your program is focused on your personal specialization in the field of energy. You can focus on electrical power systems, built environment, energy & society or sources, fuels & storage.

You choose together with your supervisor, specialization courses, free electives and homologation which allow you to gain more specialized knowledge, which you will need for your final project and your internal research traineeship

Year 1

Core program

30 EC

Specialization courses

15 EC


15 EC

Year 2


15 EC

Graduation Project

45 EC

Research groups Sustainable Energy Technology

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Energy Technology

The mission our group is to advance heat & flow technologies for energy and high-tech applications. This mission encompasses the scientific…

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Power & Flow

Power & Flow focuses on clean and efficient combustion and process technology, to cater for fast-growing energy demands.

Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Stimuli-responsive Functional Materials & Devices

We  develop polymers with new responsive functionalities and integrate them into devices, to meet industrial and societal challenges in the…

Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Sustainable Process Engineering

We develop new processes based on improved mass and heat transfer rates for a more efficient, environmentally friendly, circular, and…

Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Multi-scale Modelling of Multi-phase Flows

Over the years the research group Multi-scale Modeling of Multiphase Flows has made seminal contributions to the fundamentals of chemical…


Transport in Permeable Media

It is our goal to understand the physics of transport and phase changes in complex permeable media, so we can better engineer materials for…

Department of Applied Physics

Plasma & Materials Processing

Our scientific objective is to obtain atomic-level understanding of the interaction of plasmas and reactive gases with materials in the…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Energy Systems

Our research aims at transforming electricity grids towards a truly future-proof, sustainable energy supply. The group focusses on…

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electromechanics and Power Electronics

We carry out fundamental research on the energy conversion theory, methods, and systems, that serve as enabling technologies for future…

Department of the Built Environment

Building Physics and Services

The BPS group conducts research that aims to lead to a sustainable, healthy, comfortable and productive in and outdoor environment.

Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Technology, Innovation & Society

We research innovation and socio-technical transitions towards a more sustainable society.