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The rapid development of high-tech systems continues to play an increasingly important role in our lives. Whether we’re talking about logistics systems that process orders autonomically, robots that provide care and company for the elderly in the comfort of their own homes, or self-driving cars: all these systems are aimed at making life easier, safer and more efficient. The increasing complexity of these systems is a challenge. We want to model and control these processes as effectively as possible. It goes without saying that there is a growing demand for highly-educated engineers who have the ability to develop the control technology that drives these systems.


In almost every technical domain, ranging from the automotive industry to engineering firms and research institutes, engineers are needed who have knowledge about complex, high-tech systems – and know how to operate them. They contribute to the development and control of – for example – industrial robotic arms, lithographic machines for the production of chips and electron microscopes that can see deep into the nano universe. The Dutch electricity grid is also operated and monitored by engineers with expertise in systems and control technology.

The Master’s Program of Systems and Control at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) trains you to be an expert in the field of modeling and controlling complex technical systems and processes. To gain this knowledge, you take core courses that teach you the theoretical and mathematical fundamentals of modeling, system analysis and control design. You apply this theory to existing systems, but it is also important in developing and controlling future high-tech systems. You take specialization courses and electives, where you develop your in-depth knowledge on the application technologies that interest you the most.

The TU/e research groups affiliated with this master’s program work closely with many international companies and research institutes. These companies and institutes are considered world class in the field of modeling and control technology. This partnership is unparalleled in the Netherlands and enables you to find your ideal internship or graduation project. That is what makes the TU/e the indispensable university for this program.

Are you passionate about system and control technology and do you want to study in Europe’s high-tech capital? Then, the Master’s Program of Systems and Control at the TU/e is the right course for you.

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