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Master track Architectural Urban Design and Engineering

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Master program
2 year
Master of Science (MSc)

We spend the vast majority of our lives in a contrived environment. Our urban environment is designed and built by people. We are part of it and we are all, in our own way, stakeholders and users. Whether you are just a resident, a schoolchild or an office worker in an urban environment. You may be involved in public housing, energy supply, architecture or urban design; we are all experts by experience and all have our own motives and vision.

And we all have our own commitment to issues that need increasing care and attention, such as circularity, inclusivity, public housing, energy, digitalization, health and privacy. Each of these topics has its own specific spatial component. Together, they make architecture and urbanism interesting, relevant and dynamic disciplines.

About this master

The Architectural Urban Design and Engineering (AUDE) master track consists of two main disciplines: Architecture and Urbanism. Depending on the direction you choose, you are trained as an architect or urban designer. The difference between the two lies mainly in the scale of research and design of the built environment. While architecture deals roughly with the level of the building, the building ensemble and even a smaller scope, urban planning starts right here and zooms out much further. Within the scale area, you learn to design spatially. You base this on a broad and thorough analysis and extensive preliminary research of the site and building typology, of the program, references, historical precedents, theory and innovative developments.

Do you have an analytical mind and a creative, explorative spirit? Is it your dream to make a specific contribution to the spatial environment and to help think about the spatial design challenges of today and tomorrow? And can you argue clearly and coherently, communicate well and visualize your ideas and outcomes? Then the Architectural Urban Design and Engineering master track may well be the right program for you. Students following this track maintain close contact with other disciplines inside and outside the Built Environment, they are open to other insights and enjoy exchanging knowledge among themselves. Plenty of ingredients for a dynamic, interactive and, above all, intensive program that demands energy from its students, but delivers at least as much in return. 

The Architectural Urban Design and Engineering master track is characterized by its personal approach, versatility, integral coherence and a convivial, committed atmosphere. You have all the space you need to shape your program individually and the lines of communication between students and lecturers are short. You can also opt for the customized program, which entitles you to admission – as an architect or urban planner – to the Register of Architects.

There is also a range of additional options that will help you stand out in the crowd, such as certificate programs including Building Design & Technology, Construction Technology and Circular Design.

Looking for an extra challenge? Then combine your studies with another master track. A popular and common combination is Architecture and Urbanism, but you can also combine Architecture with Structural Design and Engineering, Building Physics or Urban Systems & Real Estate.

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