Register of Architects

If you would like to register as an Architect or as an Urban Designer in the Register of Architects, you have to

Once you have successfully completed the MSc program Architecture, Building and Planning, you have a Master of Science degree (MSc). If you wish to use the title Architect or Urban Designer in the Netherlands, you must be registered in the Dutch Register of Architects.

Professional traineeship

Under the Dutch Architects Title Act (Wet op de Architectentitel), completing a period of professional work experience (beroepservaringsperiode) is compulsory for everyone who graduates after 31 December 2014 in one of the following disciplines: architecture, urbanism, garden and landscape architecture or interior architecture and wants to register in the Register of Architects (Architectenregister). In short, this means that you must complete this professional traineeship before you are able to register in the Register of Architects. At the TU/e Eindhoven this applies to all students in the Mastertracks Architecture and Urban Design.

For more information please consult the Education Guide, Professional Experience Program and BEP modules in Delft.