After your Master

The Building Physics and Services (BPS) master track and its various courses prepare you for a professional career in the fields of:

  • acoustics
  • lighting technology
  • building materials
  • urban physics
  • heat, air and moisture
  • building performance
  • fire safety; and
  • building services.

Consider a job at a consultancy firm or an engineering company, or at governmental organizations and research institutes (TNO, for example). You may alternatively prefer to remain in academia, or even start your own company.

Scroll through LinkedIn to see where our former students ended up after graduation.

After you complete your master's program, you can also choose to pursue our two-year PDEng program Smart Building and Cities as a trainee technological designer. We also offer four-year doctoral (PhD) programs that provide a solid foundation for an academic career.

We hope that this summary of the BPS master track makes it clear that this degree is distinctive for at least three reasons:

  • Our BPS master track is unparalleled in the Netherlands
  • You have the opportunity to study a wide range of interdisciplinary courses
  • You are at center stage, the focus of our attention throughout this master track.