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Mastertrack Chemical and Process Technology

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Master program
Two years
Master of Science

Designing and optimizing complex production facilities is essential for bringing new innovations to the world at an affordable cost. And that requires an in-depth understanding of process engineering. In our Chemical and Process Technology master’s track, you will learn how to develop chemical processes that are efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. This involves integrating knowledge of chemistry, transport phenomena, chemical reactor design, separation technology, plant design, process development and process control. 

The program includes the study of several industrially relevant subjects including:  

  • novel (multiphase) reactors,  
  • (reactive) separation processes 
  • the development and design of specific processes and products for industry  
  • Wide-ranging chemical process research 

The program is aligned with the wide-ranging research interests of our Chemical and Process Technology research cluster. The cluster covers everything from fundamental scientific understanding to targeted engineering applications. This approach positions the cluster at the cutting-edge of academic research while retaining a high standard of industrial innovation. 

Within the track, you can choose to specialize in areas such as: 

  • Chemical process intensification 
  • Chemical reactor engineering 
  • Microflow chemistry and process technology 
  • Membrane materials and processes 
  • Multi-scale modelling of multi-phase flows 
  • Interfaces with mass transfer 
  • Inorganic materials chemistry 

IChemE accreditation

The Chemical and Process Technology program at Eindhoven University of Technology has been awarded with the title of 'Internationally Accredited Degree' by The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE). This demonstrates that that program is academically sound and industrially relevant. 

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