A track of the Master Computer Science and Engineering

Mastertrack Information Security Technology

ECTS points
Education type
Master program
Two years

From unauthorized access to malicious manipulation, the threats that exist when storing or sending electronic data are on the increase. For that reason, data security is of ever greater importance. Information Security Technology provides the essential tools for safe communication and protection of data. This program provides you with a broad overview of the techniques of Information Security Technology, which also covers aspects of business operations, law and ethics. Information Security Technology allows you to familiarize yourself with subjects such as: 

  • Cryptographic codes 
  • Operating systems 
  • Protocol verification 

Best of both worlds 

This Master's program is offered though a collaborative venture between our department and our counterpart at Radboud University. The program has been structured in such a way that you spend one day per week on average taking courses at the other university.  Note that a secondary registration is required at Radboud Universiteit (Nijmegen), as half of the courses are taught there. More information can be found at https://true-security.nl/ 

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