About IST

About the mastertrack Information Security Technology

  • The MSc in Information Security Technology (IST) offers academic expertise in information security, with a focus on computer and network security, cryptography, and cybersecurity.
  • You are free to set up your degree in line with your preferences and ambitions. Your IST teachers and mentors are happy to help and guide you. 
  • IST is an interdisciplinary degree, meaning that you get to experience the many different sides of information security.
  • Upon graduation, you will be able to analyze complex security situations and to reduce them to solvable problems.
  • You complete your IST degree in the heart of the fast-growing, high-tech Brainport region. 

Do you like to hack things? Break and dissect them? And then put them back together in a better, safer way?

Then the IST master's program at TU/e is the way forward for you. The courses teach you how information security technology protects stored, transmitted, accessed, or modified data against all kinds of threats, varying from incidental unauthorized access to malicious manipulations. Information security technology ensures safe communication and data protection in a wide variety of situations. After the degree, you know how to apply your obtained knowledge towards that exact goal. 

The degree is part of the CSE master at TU/e and specifically enables you to evaluate existing and newly designed security systems. You will gain the ability to not only list relevant security requirements in an application and to select the right techniques to address these issues, but also specify, design, and create applications in which security plays a vital role from the get-go. During the degree, we'll strongly encourage you to specialize in a subarea of information technology, allowing you to contribute to discussions about the role of information security in our society in an informed, up-to-date, and expert manner. 

The IST mastertrack offers an unique and hands-on experience that has practical activities integrated within its educational program and offered courses. Are you ready to put your computer science and information technology expertise to use in developing the safer systems of tomorrow?

The IST degree has excellent contacts with high-tech companies, which are abundant in the Eindhoven area. For this reason, opting for a master's degree in IST at TU/e means that you'll quickly be submerging yourself in one of the fastest-growing regions in Europe: the Brainport area is an ecosystem in which knowledge-intensive manufacturing and various industries meet. In Eindhoven, your information technology security expertise has an impact and is directly applicable.