After graduation

After the degree: in charge of where you go next

Cyber security is a wide-spread and comprehensive field of study, with excellent job opportunities. Upon graduation, our students often get involved in cryptographic applications, security protocols, data storage, communication, or information security management. Additionally, they often act as internal of external consultants, regarding the security of information systems and networks, or regarding the security policies of an organization. 

Graduates have developed an excellent foundation for a succesful career, whether they continue their academic career in a PhD track or jump-start their career outside of the university.

Check via LinkedIn where some of our former students have ended up after graduating.

Where can you find our IST alumni?

Alumni with a master's degree in cyber security are in strong demand by a growing number of organizations that heavily rely on ICT security, both in the private and public sector. Graduates of Information Security Technology can enter jobs in: 

  • Research laboratories and academic institutes (both for theoretical and applied work)
  • Applied R&D in industry
  • Financial institutions
  • Governmental agencies
  • Consultancy agencies