Course structure

In the first year of the Master's program Information Security Technology you will take four mandatory courses, drawn from the fields of computer science and mathematics, which cover the basic skills. The most important of these compulsory courses are: 

  • Principles of Data Protection (2IMS25, Eindhoven) 
  • Cryptology (2MMC10, Eindhoven) 
  • Software security (NWI-ISOFSE, Nijmegen) 
  • Security in organizations (NWI-I00153, Nijmegen) 
  • Verification of security protocols (2IMS15, Eindhoven) 
  • Advanced Network Security (2IRU25, Nijmegen) 


In addition to the compulsory courses, part of your program is devoted to electives. You must choose at least 3 courses from the IST curriculum, but can also take electives from the curriculum for the Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering. An internship can also form part of your electives program.  

You can also choose other courses in addition to the mandatory courses and the electives.  

Final project 

You will spend a large proportion of your second year working on your final project. You will conduct independent research and write a Master's thesis, specializing in computer science or mathematics. You may carry out your final project within the business community or with a government organization. You could also contribute towards the body of scientific research carried out at our university. There are so many subjects and lines of approach that you are certain to find one that suits you perfectly.