Course structure

The full-time Manufacturing Systems Engineering program lasts two years, consisting of 60 ECTS each, divided as follows:

  • Core program 30 ECTS 

  • Specialization electives 15 ECTS 

  • Free electives 15 ECTS 

  • International internship 15 ECTS 

  • Graduation project 45 ECTS 

Referring to the illustration below, core program courses include mandatory and chosen courses. Basic courses in the foundation cover the principles of manufacturing technology and the roof is the course Integrated System design. These two courses are obligatory.

In addition, one course should be selected from each of the four pillars, as listed below.

  • Machine design and control 

  • Control Engineering 

  • Supervisory Control 

  • Micro Fabrication 

  • Factory design and control 

  • Modelling and Control of Manufacturing Networks 

  • Modeling and analysis of manufacturing systems  

  • Maintenance design and control 

  • Advanced Maintenance and Service Logistics 

  • Structural Integrity and Reliability 

  • Supply network design and control 

  • Multi-Echelon Inventory Management 

  • Design of Operations Planning and Control Systems 

The course Control Engineering is obligatory if you are in the Mechanical Engineering stream