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Master track Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry

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Designing and making molecules with high specificity is a key competence in chemistry. Engineers with a solid molecular background play a prominent role in developing and improving chemical systems ranging from novel catalysts to biomedical materials. These engineers work at the frontiers of science, learning the rules that govern chemical self-assembly and applying them to new areas like organic solar cells and responsive materials.  

In the Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry track, you learn to use the tools of catalysis, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable society. 

As a materials scientist you will work on developing novel or existing materials and processes. This includes the synthesis and characterization of polymeric materials as well as processing into a final product or device. Within the track, you can choose to focus on polymer chemistry, polymer technology, or materials and coatings technology. 

Materials science and technology research 

Materials are everywhere and influence the whole world around us. In our department, we focus our materials science and technology research on polymers. Polymers are used in applications as diverse as packaging, protective coatings, insulation materials, clothing, furniture, building materials and the biomedical field. By designing polymer materials, you design everyday life.  

Researchers in this cluster investigate the design and synthesis of complex molecules, macro- and supramolecular assemblies, and functional materials with a wide range of applications in the fields of energy, health, and electronics. 

Drawing on our wide research expertise, within the track you can specialize in: 

  • Bio-inspired and multiscale materials 
  • Bio-organic chemistry 
  • Functional organic materials and devices 
  • Macro-organic chemistry 
  • Materials and interface chemistry 
  • Molecular materials and nanosystems 
  • Physical chemistry 
  • Supramolecular chemistry 

Chemistry Euromaster

The Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry program at Eindhoven University of Technology has been awarded the Chemistry Euromaster label from the European Chemistry Thematic Network (ECTN). This demonstrates that our program can be compared to other chemistry master's programs in Europe.

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