A track within MSc Applied Physics

Master track Nano, Quantum and Photonics

ECTS points
Education type
Master program
Two years
Master of Science

Nano, Quantum and Photonics focuses on the control of a variety of novel materials at the nanometer scale, the development of quantum physics devices and technology, and the physics and applications of photonic structures and materials. All these directions are addressing emerging technologies in a wide field of application areas, such as optical communication and photonics, energy solutions, data storage and spintronics, green computing, and quantum technology.   

Skills that will be developed

  • a strong focus on the development and understanding of functional nanomaterials and devices in physics and/or chemistry
  • doing fundamental and application-oriented research on a wide range of functional materials such as spin systems, semiconductors, and organic/molecular materials
  • involvement in state-of-the-art experimental techniques for preparation and characterization of nanomaterials and devices, advanced computational techniques and practical theory development
  • more general, the ability to apply advanced abstract problem solving in a practical, engineering and scientific context related to Applied Physics
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Philemon Koolen

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