Course structure

A two-year degree comprising 120 ECTS credits, the BIO/NANO program follows the general structure of the MSc Applied Physics. This includes a core course in computational and mathematical physics, mandatory specialization courses, free and track electives, an internship and a final project. 

Mandatory courses

All students in the BIONANO program must take two 5-credit specialization courses. These are: 

  • Advanced fluid dynamics 
  • Micro- and nano-fluidics 

BIO/NANO electives  

The track electives for the BIONANO program are:  

  • Polymer physics 
  • Landau theory and the statics and dynamics of phase transitions  
  • Organic electronics  
  • Molecular photophysics  
  • Nano spintronics  
  • Nanomagnetism 
  • Advanced single molecule microscopy 
  • Molecular biosensing 
  • Nanophotonics  
  • Semiconductor nanophysics 
  • Computational materials science  

Research Applied Physics