Degree structure

A two-year degree comprising 120 ECTS credits, the track Plasmas and Beams follows the general structure of the MSc Applied Physics. This includes a core course in computational and mathematical physics, mandatory specialization courses, free and track electives, an internship and a final project.

Track compulsory courses

All students in the track Plasmas and Beams must take one 5-credit specialization course. This is:

  • Physics of plasmas and radiation

Track electives

The track electives for the track are:

  • Fusion on the back of an envelope
  • Condensed matter at the nanoscale
  • Advanced electrodynamics
  • Heating and diagnosing fusion plasmas
  • Gas discharges
  • Astrophysics
  • Photonics and modern optics
  • Magnetic confinement and MHD of fusion plasmas
  • Solar cells
  • Accelerators and beams
  • Plasma processing science and technology
  • Fusion reactors: extreme materials, intense plasma wall interaction
  • Ultracold quantum physics
  • Optical diagnostics: techniques and applications
  • Advanced plasma physics

Research Applied Physics