After you graduate

After your studies, you are entitled to call yourself Master of Science (MSc).

Let's work
Most of our graduate students enter professional practice as structural engineers/designers or project leaders. In this case, you will end up at (independent) engineering firms or engineering departments of (specialized) construction companies. You can also work as a reviewing structural engineer for municipalities, Prorail, or Rijkswaterstaat. Or work at product developers, material suppliers and construction software and building digitization companies.

Promotion and further studies
As an MSc, you can further develop professionally with a two-year EngD (Engineering Doctorate) program. The first year you take (post-MSc) courses; the second year you work on a practical assignment. During both years you will be supported by two supervisors, one from the field and one from the university.

If you aspire to an academic career, you can apply to a vacancy for doctoral research leading to the doctoral degree (PhD), at TU/e or another university. This takes about four years. During this period, under the supervision of promoters and a co-promoter, you conduct independent scientific research, resulting in articles and a thesis (dissertation).