Degree structure

The two-year Structural Engineering and Design track includes five core courses plus specialisation and free electives and a final project. Specialisation electives are offered either in the form of lectures or in the form of projects, both related to structural design of load-bearing structures. Lectures allow you to acquire individual knowledge and competences within the field of structural design, while projects can be divided into: 

  • Design projects (large span structures as well as high rise buildings), and 
  • Research projects (experimental research as well as numerical research). 

The overall breakdown of the track is: 

  1. Core courses of the Structural Engineering and Design track (25 EC); 
  2. Specialization electives of the Structural Engineering and Design track (30 EC); 
  3. Free electives from APB or other master’s programs (20 EC); 
  4. Graduation project (45 EC). 

Within the electives group, three special courses (15 EC) focus on construction technology of buildings. Students successfully completing these courses receive a Construction Technology certificate, where 5 EC need to be obtained on top of the regular number of 120 EC.

For more information about the courses, please visit the Education Guide.

Graduation project

The graduation project is performed in the last three quarters of the second year. Graduation projects can be carried out within the chairs on innovative structural design, applied mechanics or the several structural materials, or in combination. 

Research Structural Engineering and Design - Built Environment